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Questions and Answers

I have multiple pets. Do I have to make multiple accounts?

We have the furfect plans for all sizes of furfams. You can add up to 6 pets per account.

My hubby and I both share the responsibilities of taking care of our baby doggo. Do we have to pay the subscription fee for both accounts?

Each pet profile is accessible to up to two furparent accounts. Adding a furparent would incure an additional fee of ₱50.

I'm an enterprise owner. Can I enlist my establishment to your pet-friendly directory?

As the community grows, the Petagon gets stronger. Sign-up your establishment here.

I am genuinely interested in the vision your company has. Can I set an appointment for collaboration, partnership, or investment agendas?

As the community grows, the Petagon gets stronger. We are aiming to build the Petagon ecosystem around different local organizations, institutions, and establishments related to the pet care industry. We will gladly discuss with you on how we can make a better environment for all furfams. Feel free to send us an email

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